Group Services & New Ventures


The Group Services and New Ventures business area aims to support and facilitate growth and expansion for our ecosystem as a whole, and for the individual companies within it.

Group Services

This is where all central staff functions such as HR, Legal, M&A, Compliance, Marketing, etc. are housed – available for all companies within the group to acquire services from/outsource services to. The central staff functions are all run as individual business areas with the ambition of offering services and products competetive enough to be offered publicly outside of the Söderberg & Partners Group. 

Our digital payroll management and salary outsourcing service, intuitively named Payroll, was born this way, starting of as an internal project to create a new payroll system for Söderberg & Partners Group. Today, Payroll is one of the leading companies within payroll services in Sweden and in the Nordics. 

New Ventures

This is also where we incubate and develop new services and companies to help us realize our vision of the fully symbiotic ecosystem. If the system is missing a certain service meant to function as a critical link between different companies within it, we have the resources to acquire or create these companies and services and integrate them in the system so that they can benefit from our economies of scale. 

Share of total Group revenues*



Söderberg & Partners Bolån is a mortgage broker that combines the quality and security of the major banks with innovation and hunger. The company primarily distribute mortgages from Borgo, but it has partnerships with a number of other mortgage providers  as well.

Borgo is a Swedish mortgage institution (Credit Market Company) which is under the supervision of the Swedish FSA. Borgo offers mortgages to the prime segment in Sweden as well as savings accounts. The company was founded by Söderberg & Partners together with ICA Banken, Ikano Bank and Ålandsbanken. Mortgages are distributed by the founding companies plus Sparbanken Syd.

Investment  platform

Levler is a digital platform for investments and savings with a mission to make saving cheaper, easier, and more pleasant. The platform offer an intuitive interface and 25 % discount on the listing prices for all funds.

As a new part of our ecosystem, Levler brings a whole new target group within range – customers outside of our wealth management scope that want a simple and cost efficient platform where they can manage their savings on their own.