Wealth Management


Within wealth management, our companies offer asset management advice for private individuals, companies, foundations and institutions. They also offer a wide range of supplementary services such as advice on tax and family law, as well as business services.

The main company in our Wealth Management offering is Söderberg & Partners Wealth Management, but we also have other Wealth Management companies within the group operating under individual brands.

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Our Companies

Söderberg & Partners Wealth Management is an individual company and business area within the Söderberg & Partners Group. The business started in 2007 and offers wealth management services to individuals, companies, foundations, and institutions. The company has operations in Sweden, Norway, and the United Kingdom.

We also have a number of wealth management companies within the group that operate under individual brands. One example of this is JRS Asset Management, a Swedish independent wealth management company, helping individuals, families, and companies with family office services. Another example is Formue & Investeringspleje, an independent wealth management company based in Denmark with offices in Roskilde and Aalborg.